Our School is designed to catalyze the evolutionary aspects of Sound and Movement as a vocational training for Sound as Bodywork, as well as for training in the performance of Sacred Art. The human body is a symphony of rhythm, pulse, flow, and tone. The vibratory nature of sound and voice have many healing applications. Sound, as vibration, has the ability to break-up and liquefy calcified deposits, crystallization and congestion that build up in cells, tissue and energy meridians. This can include physical calcification of toxins, crystallization of salts, and energetic congestion from emotional memories that have congealed in the body. The application of sound and movement can transform these deposits and create more fluidity in the body, as well as in the mind. Our goal is to create a teaching environment that assists students to find Sound as a Teacher. We do not teach sound. Sound is our Teacher. The ultimate learning objective is for students to develop an intimate working knowledge of themselves and their bodies - the physical body, the emotional body, the audible body and the interior landscape.



Our curriculum will weave together many systems of bodywork and healing.

In the first level of study we invite each student to use their own body and being as a laboratory for sound and movement. We will learn how to listen, how to take care of and how to know one's self. Our primary focus will be how to deepen relationship with that which one knows as Source.

To do this we will explore four dimensions of Sound Body Awareness.

* 3D Body (asymmetry): Anatomy, Physiology, Functional Movement Awareness, Aston Fitness, Contemplative Movement

* Rhythms: Listening to bone, tissue, organs, fluids, breath, plants, rocks, emotions, psyche and center

* Emotional Layering: Telling our stories, mask-making, painting, mandalas, geometry of emotion, archetypes, theater play, ritual          movement

* Sound, Light, Color: Same geometry; different octaves, matching frequencies, dissolving congestion, Sound as Teacher

A second level of training will be available. This study is designed to deepen our experience and understanding of these concepts, as they apply toward working with others and creating Sacred Theater. By completing this study students will be prepared in the art of Sound as Bodywork. They will be able to help others address issues of alignment, emotional release, emotional maturing and overall well-being - and they will know their bodies and beingness as works of Sacred Art. Our program will include residential and non-residential workshops. Residential workshops will be held at a nearby beautiful mountain/ water retreat. Dodd teaches regularly at several locations around the U.S. and Europe.